Saturday, December 29, 2007

Roundup 2007

Well I thought of wrapping up this year 2007 on the blog. I for sure know that this year is perhaps the most dynamic year of my entire life. Drawing a weird parallel to earth's tectonic plate moment, my life has had so twists and turns I could have ever imagined. The seeds might have been sowed in Oct of 2006, but the major action was in 2007 itself.

Biggest movers
- My movement/promotion to a black-belt,
- Chance to work with Alumni coupled with lot of learning
- Identified and bought my first house/flat.
- Movement & Focus in my personal life.
- Family relations-all round improvement
- Engaged and then a fall-out of the same.
- Dozen of my friends got married this year.

Biggest Learnings
- To be assertive, proactive and aggresive both at professional and personal life for if you are not one is stamped down.
- Not to give free hand to any girl, for one looses one's individuality and self respect.
- Dogs bark as an elephant passes by, and are to be ignored.
- Loving someone and caring is the thing which keeps me the happiest, more than being loved and cared.
- To be organised and planned in all aspects and try to be perfectionist, for the era of perfectionist has started.
- Live to make one's dream come true. Sense of achievement over a blossoming dream is amazing and automatically sets pace for everything else in life.
- Multi-tasking is a skill, and is to be mastered.
- One needs to be cognizant of professional burn-outs and have limits to achieve work-life balance.

Best for the year

Top Albums/Songs
1. Saalam-e-ishq
2.Happy Days

Fav Movies
1. Happy Days
2. Bomarillu

Fav Lines
1. Om Shanti Om
a. "Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano...eeshwar ka aashirwaad hota hai ek chutki sindoor... suhaggan ke sar ka taj hota hau ek chutki sindoor har aurat ka khwaab hota hei ek chutki sindoor"
2. Happy Days
a.Tyson - "Neeku Estam aiythe raa, bayaam vesthe vadu"
b.Sravz - "Seniors ni juniors Question cheyakodadhu"
c.Tyson - “Max four years lo mee Andarini nenu panilo pedtanu anipistondi”
Fav Holiday/Travel Spots

Fav Food
2.Veg Manchurian

Fav Shopping Spot
1.Big Bazaar, RTC-x-Roads, Hyderabad
2.Forum, Koramangalam, B'lore

Fav Airliner
1. Paramount Air
2. Kingfisher

Fav TV Channel
1.NDTV Goodtimes
2.History Channel

Chronological Milestones

January - A month of Uncertainty
Started with lots of uncertainty in terms of professional move at Genpact. After my stint with Genworth, I was asked to move out of Finance to Insurance core in Gurgaon, but I choose to wait for a new role in Credit Suisse, which eventually flattened out. The tremors of my movement in Genpact shook people in Gurgaon as I was wasting time to move on. Then decided to head to Herecules, Kolkatta and to USA. At the last moment I stayed back in Hyderabad as Black Belt for NBCU, which promised a lot.
February - Mixed bag
Formally moved into NBCU as a Black belt, had to adjust to late hours at office vis-a-vis a comfortable time in my earlier assignment. Had loads to learn, do and apply in this new role/
Personal front pressure on me to get married by April, for which I and my parents where totally unprepared. Lots of confrontations and rough patch with my relationship with my parents on this.
March - Stable ground
Some bit of focus at office, sense of direction to head and goals to achieve at a professional level. Starting to like and starting to learn more from the role. Personal life still worsening no one to compromise on my marriage issue, huge pressure built up has already happened. For the first time I start speaking from my heart to my cousins and slowly my Uncles, and kind-of arrived at a firm decision not to rush and fall into anyone's whims and fancies over the wedding. Arani's engagement culminates and trip to Guntur helped me a lot to understand things in different fashion.
April - Mediocre Tremor
I express my intention of not marrying and to stay focused on much priority things. I hoped this period would help me identify whats my true self and make me a better person rather an aware person. I started to explore opportunities for Land/ and property as a first step, started taking care of my financials, and start to harden my base to withstand any further shakes. Inputs from Aunts and uncles start pouring in. Arani gets married in the last week of the month, a good family get together during this time.
May - My place on Earth
Got my first property of my life. Froze it within a week of identifying the apartment. A 2 bed room, 1065 Sft apartment at Nacharam is what I choose. Had finally got one which I truly liked, and this took me a good 10 months of search to zero-in on one. Great moods.
June - Marriage Search in full Swing
The search for my partner starts of with full Valour, amidst lots of hustle and noise. Internet, friends, relatives every possible mode was initiated. I joined French classes Finally to get over my past proposal and personal issues. Great fun and learning from the French classes. Made good company and enjoyed a lot.
July - Match clicks
Finally the move of my life. By destiny or luck don't really know one of search lead to a profile which was closest to my dream. Everything I ever wanted was in this girl and everything went on so smooth and fast that I was left grasping for breath many a times. Met the girl and agreed to the match. My projects going great, and good feedback all over from my teams.
August,Septemeber - Happy days
The mid-of the year was a high-flyer for me, got my engagement fixed everything planned and falling in place. Been speaking to this girl and every bit of it I enjoyed the most and was the luckiest soul on the planet. My weeding dates fixed, was on cloud-nine never coming down from there.Job going on great, mobile bills soring high, weekend parties two months life I lived to the fullest.
October - Fracture lines, Quake - Richter scale - 10
My long conversations with my Fiance and her family started slowly but surely impacting my work and drop in my performance. My AVP started taking note of time with the teams and my concentration due to the same. I had the largest of warnings, scoldings from my Boss which can never be comparable to any in my life. As it was not sufficient fracture lines started surfacing all over in my relation. The mean attitude of FOB took its toll and ripped apart the marriage just 20 days before the date,. A very crucial juncture at which cards had been distributed and preparations are on full steam. Gruha Pravesham and Chamundi homam over Duseera all culminated during this month/
November - After Shocks
After the big Quake a series of after shocks continues, in form of feedback from the Fiance I received over the whole issue. I felt absolutely worthless of anything, I felt that I deserved no place on this planet, and felt that I lost the purpose of my life. Professionally things started looked shaky on back of all this, my superiors and colleagues though sympathised could not help me any further. Dr.Pratyusha got married in this month, been a wonderful trip to Bhadrachalam for the same.
December - Move On...
11 months into my new role I decided to move on unable to cope with turmoil and torture going on in my head. I want a change from my current role, position, company if possible. Started looking out and started applying in parallel too. Been travelling a bit and meeting a couple of friends so as to feel at ease. Spending most of the time with my family at home, as I've become quite irregular at office given the vacations and holidays that coupled this month. As of now tentative movements within Genpact and outside are possible with fair amount of travel, And I look forward for a very tough and dynamic career.

Lets see where I head and hopefully I will be more positive than ever before and take more challenges sucessfully.


Dhanu said...

Wow, what a wonderful writing....Interesting and impressing. I feel like writing similar about my life....

I understand your situation...I can feel the pain but I cannot take your pains...You are the one to solve all these...One advise, are you trying to solve the problem or moving out...if you are moving out, what do you do if you same a similar or more complex problem? Again move out? think over.

Dhanu said...

I am not sure what's your qualification...but you can pursue MBA, if you are not already, from the top business schools in the world. Your writing skills are amazing.

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