Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Spirit

There is nothing much I adore about Christianity as a religion, but am not here to tell what I don't like or why I don't like rather I wanted to share what I like the most about Christmas.

The most I like about Christmas is the spirit of Christmas and the importane with which its celebrated world-over. Its a season of holidays, get-togethers, families and friends, gifting, parties and yes Carols. Christmas Carols, Santa-claus and gifts and childrens happiness on back of all this is unprecedented. The euphoria and the craziness that engulfs the festive season year on year is amazing. The decorations, the sotcking stuffed gifts its all so magic. I loved the spirit of celebrations and getting together. The movies with all the carols, the kids, the Santa claus, the reindeer, wooww I really love watching all those Christmas movies.

My 3 Favourite Carols

1.12 days of Christmas

2.Jingle Bells

3. We wish you Meery Christmas

A few things I find a bit funny in India,

Its a great season if celebrated with proper christmas spirit and kids. Really would love to be part of that spirit for once.

Merry Christmas to you all.

My Christmas Sprit Level: 40%

You definitely have some Christmas spirit, and you enjoy the holidays as much as the average person.
You don't go over the top celebrating, and by December 26th, you're ready to pack away your decorations.

You have your own special Christmas traditions, and you tend to pick and choose what you like about Christmas.
The holidays are important to you, but you don't let them take over your life.

You Don't Know Much About Christmas

I only got 3/10 correct

So you don't know all of the history and trivia of the holidays...
As long as you remember to put out some cookies for Santa, you're still ahead of the game.

Random Christmas fact: 7% of mall Santas were found to have a criminal background.

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