Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Crazy about....Things to lookout for 2008

Offlate I have been thinking of freaking out a bit and am quite inspired to take an uncanny risk for having that adrelane rush.
Racing and fast driving has been my order of the day. While biking I've been consistently been above 60kmph but my bike doesn't have a great pickup for me to go from 0-60 in say 4s's. But somehow still keep pushing it to screach. 70-80 is what my bike manages but on the bisy roads thats all we can expect. Though I want to upgrade to a 200cc if not a 150cc bike, I've been warned against doing so, and spend money on a 2-wheeler instead get a car. Probably I will if I move to a new city.
Anyways my Favourite Car has changed. Earlier I was just bowled over by Octavia. The showroom at Raj Bhavan road had suited sales woman, very modern and sophisticated, the car was amazingly new. The interiors were none that I ever I saw, and wanted to own it when I get my car. But after so many years and so many new cars in the market am just touched by one car the Honda Civic, very contemporary and futuristic design, love to own it and zoom away in this beauty.
Fast & Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious & Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift had there impact on me on the cars front. Lets see when I will get to drive so crazily.

Next found interest that's been bugging me in my me in my head is to own a dog. Been an a animal lover for long but not a dog lover, scared of taking its responsibility. But don't really know why this feel, these days. I want to own a doggie, possibly a beagle if not a Labrador. I want a doggie to play with and have fun, so that I can forget the world an be happy. I want to be loved and pampered whenever it seems me, and run and go around me whenever I am with it. Hope I do get a permission from my mom on this.

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