Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hyderbaadi Language

A Hyderabadi on the road.
It some time looks stranger than fiction when a Hyderabadi while driving on the road feels that he is the 'king of the road' and the traffic rules are meant (only )to be broken, so don't ever cross the path of a Hyderabadi when he is on the move. In case if you cross his path, he invariably tries to get into an argument as if 'raking up a fight is in the blood' of Hyderabadi.Even if he is wrong, as the proverb goes "barking dogs seldom bites", he tries to get you by neck but the crowd around him stops him by holding his hands while he vainly tries to get his hand over you (a Hyderabadi seldom gets into fitscuffs )so don't worry you won't be beaten but you have to bear the choicest abuses in the Hyderabadi slang.

The Potti Patana Hyderabadi
So far so good, the other aspect of a hyderabadi life style or rather estyle is "potti patana". It is the favorite pastime for some while for others it is a fulltime job. A Hyderabadi would try all the tricks in the book and outside the book to get hold of the woman of his dreams. With the girls of the generation next it is "potta patana hai". If people in rest of India were carried over by the movie "Hyderabad Blues" that it is taboo for guys and girls to be seen in public together,then they are going to have a culture shock if they come to Hyderabad.So don't believe those confused desh returned non-real Indian (NRIs).If you don't believe me have a dhekko on the Necklace Road -the scene would put to shame even the overly romantic French.

Bindaas Batein
The bindaas attitude of Hyderabadis is personified in the numerous cafes of the city where in you get to see a whole lot of bindaas Hyderabadis sipping tea for hours together. One might wonder as to how these people have all the time in the world to indulge in such long sessions. There is so much of time available with folks over here that at times you have to literally ask them to go for want of peace.

The filmi Hyderabadi
Hyderabad has got the maximum number of theatres in India thanks to this vast bindaas population of the city. Can you believe that a small cross road over here boasts of almost one dozen theatres which are just a stone throw away from each other. Mind you, you will still have to buy the tickets in black over here. Most pictures run for over 100 days and people take hell a lot of pride in talking about the movies. "Kya picture hai baap". "Picture tho mast hai". The advance booking is over even before it actually begins.

Hyderabadi Baitak
Leave alone weekends, the "baitaks" over here are the order of even the weekdays. whenever a group of men meet together then its three cheers to their friendship and the corks are in the air. If pubs were given permission over here, then Hyderabad for sure would have one in every other lane. The best part is any good or bad, wonder or catastrophe, in this world is appended with a four letter slang word at the starting. The more you write the lesser it will be about the Hyderabadi baitaks.

The height of Hyderabadis
The bindaas attitude of Hyderabadis can very easily be tested by asking them just two questions. All that one has to do is just get on to a bus stand on the road and just pick up a friendly conversation with a typical Hyderabadi and ask him as to when the next bus would come. The instant reply you would get is "Abhi ata" (it will come just now). You wait and wait and the bus never comes and you ask him when it would come and he will say again the same thing. Meanwhile you would have wasted an hour or so waiting for the bus to come. Actually when an Hyderabadi says "Abhi ata", do take it for granted that it would come an hour or two later. On the other hand if you ask him as to when the last bus passed by ,he would say "Abhi gaya"(it just went), while in reality it would have left hours back.

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