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Movies of the Month (July 08)

I always believe that unless one connects to the movies one really can't get involved with the plot and pace of the movie. For if a movie is unable to connect to the person watching its a movie worth forgetting. Had my bit of good movies to write something good about them today. Though I wanted to scribble the moment I was done with watching them I really couldn't thanks to my constraints no internet access at home and also it was 2pm while I finished watching them.
First movie I was watching in the first week was during the prime time of Wednesday on HBO. Happened to land-in on this channel by chance and due to resemblance to Chiru's movie continued with it till the end. Really touchy one. Second was the latest bolloywood hit released five days ago.
Pay it Forward (2000)
Its about a Las Vegas, Seventh Grader named Trevor McKinney (Haley Joel Osment of Sixth Sense) is given a project to complete by his new social studies teacher Eugene Simonet (Kevin Spacey), who has terrible burn scars on his face and neck owing to child abuse during his childhood. Trevor's task is to come up with a plan that will change the world through direct action. On his way home from school later that day, Trevor notices a homeless man, and provides food and shelter covering up this from his alcholic mom Arlene (Helen Hunt) who herself suffered a bad childhood due to her alcholic mom. Trevor then comes up with the plan to "pay it forward" by making a difference in peoples life doing a good deed for atleast three people who must in turn each do good deeds for three other people.
As the movie progresses it shows how the small dream of Trevors spreads from Vegas to LA and to the rest of nation influencing not just his own people but the entire nation. Unfortunately Trevor is stabbed in a juvenile fight at school while trying to stop a fight and succumbs, just after making an appearance on TV and telling about his idea about making a difference and changing and how hard it is for people to be good because they stop trying. As the climax draws Trevor mom and teacher realise the sympathy and faith Trevor garnered due to his effort of making a difference and influence he had on so many lives due to his small act.
After Trevor was stabbed and succumbed I was crying for the rest of time till the titles came down. There is playback on TV in the movie airing the last moments of Trevor in which he was interviewed by the TV reporter who came searching for the originator of the Pay it forward idea. Really touching and felt it in my heart hard when he died.
The idea of the book and film has been brought to life by the Pay It Forward Foundation, and through the work of social activist Jane Tewson and the non-profit organization she founded, Timebank.
This "Help 3 people" Concept was originally a Communist philosophy, started by Lenin in 1918 as a means of establishing an egalitarian society.
Subsequently in 2006, Chiranjeevi's Telugu movie is heavily inspired by this movie and takes cues every now and then from the same, except that Stalin is an grown-up and survives the attack on him to see what the impact his moment has created in the society.
But the Pay it forward is something very touchy in the climax, loved the movie and a must see for sensitive people who look for inspiration and for sure they come from small seemingly insignificant things.
Quotes -
"When someone does you a big favor, don't pay it back... Pay It Forward"
"Some favours you are not allowed to pay back."
Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (2008)
Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is a simple, sweet, teen-comedy with debutant Imran Khan (Aamir Khan's nephew), which contrary to Aamir's first film Qayamat Se Qayamat se Tak which had women across India writing love notes to Aamir in their blood, is very genorous and sweet and less frenzy. This film also marks Abbas Tyrewala's (Munnabhai writter) directorial debut.
The movie revolved round the a typical C0-ed gang of friends from five years of college Jai Singh Rathore aka Rats (Imran Khan), Aditi aka Meeow (Genelia), Jignesh Patel aka Jiggy (Nirav Mehta), Sandhya aka Bombs (Aliskha Varde), Shaleen (Sughanda) and Rotlu (Karan) Jai and Aditi are best friends within the group. Rotlu likes Aditi. Sandhya likes Jai. But, Jai and Aditi like each other but friendly manner or is it ? The movie revolves about the evolving relation between Rats and Meeyoo where they discover the meaning of love, which until then was covered in mirage of college friendship.
Though the movie draws heavy similarity to the hit Telugu movie "Nuvve Kavali" starring Shreya, Tarun apart from resemblance to scenes borrowed from Gudumba Shankar, the movie is uniquely treated thanks to the direction and screenplay in casting out the roles which show casted some usually overseen aspects of life. To name a few - A brothers insecurity to loose his dear sister, a daughters effort to keep her parents from falling apart building a world of imagination for herself, or a mother who is too practical for being a social activist but still as vulnerable as any, a parents concerns and love for the future of their daughter, a smart boy who makes way with least of violence and a fun-loving yet well planned and dedicated bunch of youngsters. Without much fireworks the movie starts of with a good pace with a good mix of humor, music and bits of speckles of sentiment.
Cameo roles of Naseerudin Shah as late Rajput father of Jai and their tradition of Manhood concept is quite funny. Added to it towards the climax discovery of Bhaloo and Baghera (Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan) as cousins of Jai from Ranjhore. Though the horse riding dreams where bit of irritant they do some humor adding the Ranjhore-legend towards the end.
The in-movie narration of the story is also fun to watch, adds a bit of humor without getting involved in the plot. While the On the whole with delicate subtleties and near to life situations and good music and good overall performance the movie is a refreshing one which the younger viewers should appreciate.
At the end I felt I why couldn't I be like the cool Rats and think of singing out that special song to the most deserving one in full public presence when it mattered the most. Though resembled the part from Dil Chahta Hain's Aamir-Preity incident, this is treated differently with a special dream song in a airport with security personnel singing and updating the control room on his radio-walky. Hilarious !!!
Hancock (2008)
Hancock happens to be the movie of Will Smith where he is potrayed as a Comic book Super-Hero with super human powers to fly, be bullet proof and scratch proof. Though he tries to help out his careless attitude makes him the most hated super-hero due to the collateral damage of his deeds. Ray Embrey a corporate public relations consultant, who after being rescued by Smith tries to repay him by revamping his image. But Hancock secretly falls for Ray's wife who somehow dislikes and tries to avoid Hancock. As the story unfolds she reveals that she and Hancock are by fate soul-mates, if they decide to live together will make them mortals loosing all their super powers. The story unwinds with each choosing whats best for their survival as super-heroes and their roles in helping the world over their personal choices. The movie some what is onlines contradicting Nicholas Cages's "City of Angels" where he falls off to live a life of human to be in love. Well no complaints that was a too good love story to compare a bad super-hero movie like Hancock. For me atleast after a beautifully themed hero movie like the last of Smith' movie "I Am Legend" this fails to hold me back to the seat to look out for the next plot. Very much sub-standard by any standard. Signifies a movie not to be made and watched...hmm remenisance of another movie I watched in 2006 V for Vendetta.
Telugu Movies
Parugu (2008)
Krishna (Allu Arjun) supports his friend Babu to elope with his girlfriend Subbalakshmi, the elder daughter of Neelakantam (Prakashraj), a village elder. Irked over this, Neelakantam and his kin hole up Krishna and his friends to enquire about Babu. Krishna loses his heart to Meenakshi (Sheela), the younger daughter of Neelakantam, and quite hesitantantly she also falls for Krishna. Krishna after understanding how Neelakanta feels over his daughters condition decides not to woo his second daughter He breaks off to help her in her marriage. How they finally get married and how her father accepts realities is what the story is about. Neatly done movie, decent songs, very good comedy, nice localities (especially the ones in mornings in the village). Though it was overdone when the girl falls for the boy in the city, the sentiment part and sacrificing aspect of the movie made it a special one to watch.
Ready ...Denikianaa (2008)
Chandrasekhar aka Chandu (Ram - Devadasu hero), is from a well to-do big joint family, who elopes his cousin on her marriage day to get her married to her lover, and subsequently stays out of the family. He meets Pooja(Genelia) accidently while eloping her from her marriage. Chandu, falls for Pooja and tries to win her confidence over sequence of run and chase sequences unwind. They return back to Chandu's house while Pooja plans to flee to USA, and as fate has it, she falls in love and as everything gets set, she is forced back to her family. Post interval is where the fun part starts and movie beocmes really enjoyable and made it a worth while to watch. The rest of the story, woven through the hero playing Gudumba Shankar-mark tricks on the families of Pooja's uncles Peddinaidu (Kota Srinivasa Rao), and Chitti Naidu (Jayaprakash Reddy & Saranya. The comic Chaterred Accountant played by Brahmanandam who is caught in the middle was fun to watch. The movie was lots of fun, possibly didn't have so much of fun in a long time watching a movie. Felt this was the best of the movies for the current season in the Tollywood. Really laughed my stomach out.
Kantri (2008)
NTR Jr, Hansika starrer was much of a let down movie for me, felt the plot of the movie was too stupid, again too much of superman stunts, very much away from reality. From backstabbing to revenge and vengance of the boy who'z family was backstabbed, robbed and murdered is what the plot of the story is. Too much of fiction is something which I was unable to connect, not much of musical numbers or commendable comedy, made the movie expereince sub-standard.

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