Saturday, October 15, 2005

Starvation ....Finally one of Prabhas's action movie

Today 16th Oct I watched Prabhas's Sriya Starrer Raja Mouli's Chatrapathi. It's a quiet enjoyable movie, with good decent stunt and action work. Raja Mouli is known to give good action flicks and he precisely did that in the movie. He used the brilliance of cinematography under Senthil, which I guess was backed up by his performance in Sye another Raja Mouli's enjoyable youthful movie.
Anyways I have been a fan( not a hardcore) of Prabhas Trisha starrer Varsham movie, which I watched totally by circumstance. I found him very hardworking and had a determination to come up. His body language shows clear focus and urge to succeed. I like him above many other stars be it Mahesh Babu, Pavan Kalyan, Tarun and many others. This guy has a good personality and those looks needed for an action hero. I do prefer Nitin Reddy, NTR junior in some of the roles.But can't stand Mahesh Babu and Tarun.
For the movie Chatrapathi i happened to get it early in the morning and I couldn't wait till the night to watch the movie. Right after having my breakfast I sat for the movie and started of my morning show which c included at lunch around 1pm. I had to go for lunch and then to SEPM class too. Anyways the movie brought back to me the happiness I thought was missing on campus. The movie provided me with the much needed spark to get along with life. The movie I liked everybit of it, right through, I only hated venu madhav in the come and go comedy role in-between. Else I felt everything was in place. Sriya I like this girl specifically for her looks from the lips. She as the most unique smile I ever seen. Though a small role she's made a good performance in the film. But have to agree that Varsham role of Trisha was damn good for a heroine beside Prabhas.
I sincerely can't wait long for another Prabhas's movie was his second movie for me this year, the earlier was Chakram which was a good opener for Charmi though the movie tanked, thanks that the audience have to live with the fact that the hero has no villains in the movie and the only villain was the story writer who kills the star Prabhas to the horror of the audience.
But this movie actually projected the most macho image of Prabhas and somehow made him superhuman being. Fine as long as people like me can live with them the movie lives on. If the movie was to be scripted with NTR junior it would have been a huge sensational hit, but seems like with smaller fan following Prabhas movies will take time to be bigger hits.
Final comparison between Varsham and Chatrapathi, Varsham was totally a romantic action movie and Trisha had a very good character and acted too good in the movie. In Chatrapthi Hero has been glorified, and is based on Son-Mother sentiment with a social cause in an action oriented backdrop, heroine has anything solid to show off in such a circumstance, so it scores quiet below Varsham.
Ultimately a good movie for action bluffs.

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