Thursday, October 27, 2005

Snacks and food personalites

I am having my CB exam tommorow and am passing time surfing some useless sites. And thought of blogging the same.
Just heard that women have more accute sense of taste than men. 35% of woman are SuperTasters( who have double the number of average taste buds) while only 15% of men are SuperTasters. You can take the senses challenge to get some intersting info.

2nd one is from my CB book about personality traits based on snacking
Potato Chip eater - Is an ambitious, succesful, high achiever, impatieny with less than the best
---> I love them but they are costly ...nd none of the traits seems to fit me looser
Tortilla Chips - Irrelavant unknown item for me
Pretzels - Lively, easily bored --well don't know them either
Snack Crackers- Rational, logical, contemplative, shy nd prefer being alone
---> my typoo
Cheese curls - Irrelavant
Nuts - Easy going, empaththetic, understanding, calm, even tempered
Popcorn - Takes charges, pitches in often, modest, self confident
Meat Snacks - Greagarious, generous, trust worthy, tends to be overly trusting

This is from 'What Flavor is Your Personality?' by Alan Hirsch reported in the Raleigh News and Observer this morning: Some research findings about food preferences:
1) People who like vanilla ice cream are lively, energetic and the life of the party; people who like spicier flavors are more reserved.
2) Gentlemen get fired up over the scent of pumpkin pie; the secret to romancing a lady can be found in a box of Good & Plenty candy.
3) Women are turned off by the smell of cherries and men's cologne. (Be forewarned, guys -- buy her a box of Good & Plentys!) No scent has yet been found that turns men off.

Now here is the test:
1. Which group of fruits and vegetables do you prefer?
a) oranges, bananas, and grapes b) eggplant, corn and tomatoes

2. Do you like spicy pickles? Yes or No

3. Which do you prefer: (choose one from each pair)
a) green olives or black olives b) pecans or almonds c) pickles or cucumbers

4. Which do you prefer? (choose one from each pair)
a) lemons or oranges b) potatoes or sweet potatoes c) grapefruit or tangerines

1. If you prefer
a) fruits, you are a strong-minded, ambitious, aggressive and dominant individual who is a natural leader;
b) vegetables, it indicates you tend to be introspective, self-searching and sensitive to the needs of others.
2. Spicy pickles tend to indicate pessimism; a "no" answer tends to indicate optimism.
3. If two or more of your answers are the first choice (green olives, pecans, or pickles) you tend to be assertive in your relationships and enthusiastic in everything you do. Although anxious at times, you are a decisive and resilient person. If two or more of your answers are the second choice (black olives, almonds, or cucumbers) you tend to take responsibility for your own actions, you are self-confident and a natural leader.
4. If two or more answers are the first choice
(lemons, potatoes or grapefruit) you tend to be reserved, quiet and contemplative and are not generally compulsive. If two or more are the second choice
(oranges, sweet potatoes and tangerines) you are likely an outgoing, gregarious person with a good sense of humor who enjoys a stable relationship.

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