Wednesday, October 26, 2005

One for All, All for one ---- Summit

Nov 18th decided to update this post

Here we go
Summit the highest point for anyone be it a mountaineer, rock climber, an upcomming artist, a corporate, an engineer ,any person in any walk of life some day thinks of being at the Summit.
To reach there is real achievement and celebration within would be immense. Once would be extremely fortunate enough as he has achieved something which is unique not only to himself but which is different from all the others. A real differentiating factor one can boost of at that moment. But one has to be aware that competition is never far behind they will catch up nd make a new summit which is to be scaled to be achiever. Its something of a rat race but it always keeps coming back.
One has to realise that there is only one top for everyone and only one can be there no matter what. Reaching the top needs hard work, dedication, endurance to take in pain , immense stamina, strength, attitude and lot of support from many levels of humanity and divinity. As though they are not sufficient enough maintaining and sustaining the success and position is even more difficult. Almost all the top brands and corporates at all levels feel it. A Microsoft is always on a back burner with competition from all spheres, a Linux when it came to being it never cared a damn about Microsoft nor Microsoft gave a damn, but not Linux already has over 25% of the market share in Network OS nd threatens the position of likes of Microsoft in PC segment which it assembled and nurtured from scratch.
Its difficult and never easy and letting it go is not at all an answer for a happy life. One has to be in competition and self realisation and motivation will automaticaly push the person ahead. The belief and self -realisation has to be always there and better we people start trying for it. Now!!! Now is never late than ever !!!

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