Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Changing times

Offlate I 've noticed a change in my schedules. These days I am sleeping quiet late, and it is usually after 2 or 2.30 that I get to sleep. Considering a strict follower of time till atleast the end of the 1st year, this changed a bit in the 4th term. This owed some bit to Madhu, where we used to sit and have long Y! Chats about personalities and personality differences. Added to this we usually had this game playing sessions of BZ-Flag right through the early morning hours. So some how I felt into the groove and got accustomed.
A change from this 4th term only aggravated in this 5th term. I started to watch movies late. After doing some work, usually after 2am, I started of to see movies and usually stayed up staying awake till 4.30am in the morning, surprisingly enough I do get up before the breakfast is closed. Thats around 9.45-10am types.
This is of particular importance cause I used to get quiet early in the morning in te first year so that I could study in the morning hours. I then used to get up at around 6.30 - 7 am types. First thing I used to do was to switch on the system and start playing hungama trivia. And I did win lots of goodies too, somehow I don't feel like soing it nor I am that dedicated to any of the gaming and promo sites which I used to show such high enthusiasm and interest levels.
Another change over the last term is of maintaining of my room, I atleast tried to beautify the room, get some drapes in, have some posters, nd carpets spread out. Two main influencers for me in this pretext are Amos, who keeps & tries to keep his surroundings sparkle clean and Madhul. One is supposed to give a good feel if one expects good company. Also personally I felt I need to make the room lively for me to have vitality and be active, as the surroundings reflect my course of action.
Starting from last term I started using a lot of incense in the room. I am never used to lighting one at my home or outside. Having developed this habit atleast I am not missing an opportunity to devote some time for God and pay respects to them and thank them for all they have provided. And I sincerely hope that I do this on a regular basis. I feel I've not done good not taking an active role on Vinayaka Chaturdi at my home and also by not going to temple during the last visit, for which I feel I was duly returned.

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