Thursday, October 13, 2011

Problem of Excess Consumption

In today's era and today capitalistic period we are seeing times of unprecedented growth, development happening at neck breaking pace that if one is to take a short nap they miss a whole lot and are viewed as backward and sometimes pre-historic.
Evolution on this earth has always been a slow and a continuous process. But rapid changes and dynamism is something which has never been tested and is bound to have unrealistically harsh repercussions.
For example simple things which come to my mind is over consumption. Yes things like obesity means we are over eating calories and piling on aditional reserve calories with no intent of ever getting to use them. With over eating comes growing demand for food (crops, farming, animals etc). With ever growing consumption comes ever gorwing need to produce more, increase acerage or yields. So comes the use of chemical fertilisers which are again based on fossil fuels which are so limited in quantity. We have more fossil fuels in one century than what Earth has taken to build this reserve. We are over using the resources to the brink of self extinction.
No with greater population also comes need of additonal water for purpose of drinking or otherwise, then arise need of quality breathable air and hygenic places to live. With ever growing demand and pressure on limited resources we are squeezing our world to the max.
Do we require that many disposable, use and throw stuff ?
Do we require ourselves to replace stuff because they look out of fashion every season (US has 4 seasons are we expected to keep building and remodelling the closet every Quarter) ?
Can't we be content with what we have and not be greedy of more and more ?
Can't we all slow down, take a break, look back and appreicate what nature offers and work for sustainance and preservation ?
Can't we give out those extra pounds of food containing tons of calories to those who can't even manage one decent meal a day ?
Never even stopping a minute to think of the future and whats to happen of the future generations. Am sure the future generation will have a lots to think and lot more to curse their ancestors for senslessness with which they abused the mother nature and exploited it as there was no tomorrow and rode on a way of consumerism driven by capitalism, virtual cash, imaginary wealth, while in reality everyone plundering the future generations of a comfortable life.
Give second or a minute think, reconcile life is there not to be put on a fast track and rip every other thing apart, but it is for slowly savouring and enjoying the pleasures of life while also ensuring that we all share the same with others especially the future generations.

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