Saturday, October 15, 2011

Successful Telangana Agitiation

As I write this blog the "Sakala Janula Samme" or "The All People Agitiation" successfully completes it 1 month. No where you would here that an agitation of this proportions has entered 1 month and the Government choosing not to act on it while it waits for the agitation to wane out and fatigue out.
The Present Congress government is to be blamed for all of these short comings starting in 2001 when YSR agreed with then TRS leader to bifurcate the state and later in the December of 2009 where Chidambaram followed up with his midnight act of declaring the initiation of the process. Gross mishandling of the movement has brought in unprecedented sequence of events and circumstances which will prove to be more of a migraine than a headache that can be easily be done away with.
In the current times where world over hoards of public agony and frustration is pouring out against governments and world leaders around the world, our own government in power is trying to pretend that it is infact ruling the country. The ever mounting corruption charges being unearthed every day, the CAG reports, the Anna Hazare agitations, and battle against inflationary micro economics and ever looming threat in the fragile world economy has got all the possible daggers against it.
Inspite of all this there is negligible amount of crisis handling or even a light will to tackle these scenarios. At best Congress is trying its level best to be alive and ensure it makes a comeback in 2014 elections.
While the Telangana agitation continues to cripple lives of crores of people not just across the state but also in the neighbouring states. Farmers and daily wage labourers are sure suffering along with common man who struggles to go to work and who is as well unable to send their kids to schools which are shut down. It makes one wonder whether this is a justified cause with people in all walks of life suffering. Government neither moves against or infavor and continues its diplomacy and trying to mend the situation in a pro-congress mode than pro-people mode.
The Telangana agitation has been successful if not hugely successful in camflauging and diverting the huge huge short comings in the governance and corruption that has been happening by the same Telengana leaders who have for years turned a blind eye and piled up huge cash reserves. If it was not for the local leaders and if it was not for their continued coldness there would have been enough of voices and concerns being raised initially and corrective improvements taken up. Instead after all the plunder they realise that their is a way to regather public sympathy and lost trust on a whole and sole agenda of separation. This incidentally has to be fuelled by provocative and hatred entrenched stories and words. In a country which thrives on "Unity in diversity " these politician are successful enough in sewing a thick fabric of regional difference and divide to differentiate and diversify themselves. If this is the way we want to be lead to we are still being ignorant and foolish enough to be lead into the same traps which we always have been.
What surprises me is that the main political party which is leading this agitation has got most of its family members in its political cadre to run the activities, while the leader claims he will be a watch dog to the CM seat; but he will be a watch dog preventing any other one from taking over the seat as well. While he makes ridiculous statements of making a Dalit as a CM, he doesn't have even one Dalit leader either at a District level or at a Mandal level, so it is to be seen where that Dalit puppet candidate will be picked from.
Secondly they where indications to give two districts of Rayalaseema to Telengana. I say why only two; lets give Telangana all the districts in the state, make Hyderabad its capital. So they get Telangana and as a bonus they also get other districts of the state and not just 2 districts.
Jai Telangana !!!

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