Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Fairer Sex ??

From an old abstract
" Numerous behavioral studies have found women to be more trust-worthy and public-spirited than men. These results suggest that women should be particularly be effective in promoting honest government. Consistent with this we find rising women representation and relatively lesser corruption charges"

While India today is swaying to Anna Hazare's movement against corruption, things seem to be unnoticingly are getting worse. Women who be it selective were getting into administration and politics where considered genuine and trustworthy seem to be loosing that tag sooner than later.

Why ? What the heck ?
Yes in today's contemporary world the way of life is growth in a highly competitive environment. Women who get into competitive spheres are under more pressure particularly to outsmart their male counterparts and hog limelights. Women are definitely more competitive and focused and treat their tasks with lots of dedication. With immense expectation the natural outcome is win by any means. Definitely at some time this realisation dawns and the will to succeed supersedes any other thing. this makes them a easy prey to the dark side of life. Compared to percentage of men who take this path the percentage of women in relative terms is quite high.

Women are dedicated and trust worthy. Hell yeah !! but men are too, its just what women does goes unnoticed and overseen most of the times. Men can't hide their actions the same way women can't hide their emotions. So what ? May be it's not always right to blame a man - well yes barbarism is bad !! But still what the heck ? Well in every species the purpose of male is to fight, survive and bear fruits to a stronger next generation. I mean this is the way to ensure future generations are born fitter and stronger(stronger gene pool get propagated weaker perish). In today's world physically incapable men, mentally instable men mange to propagate their genes and grow weaker future generation. Well nature of men is to win and survive over competition to propagate their offspring. Interestingly with all talks of equality women either for the fun of it or for more sub-conscious want of bearing a child to a much healthy or stronger man go out. Ex. Arnold and his secret mistress affair

Corruption is a word alien to women. Women can be equally corrupt if not more than men. Why ? Yes women are naturally born seducers and the imbalance in the society teaches them right from the childhood that they can do better by their charm and feminity. Ok what is this ?? Back in school or college aren't there any cases of teachers being partial towards women...Wake up women knew they where treated differently for being a female being, and knew that they can take this to their advantage right from childhood. For men they have to earn that edge but possession of power. For this reason women are naturally born to fall prey to temptation of dishonesty and corruption if offered; may be more so than a man.
Everyone knows and says men are violent. Well agreed, but in most cases than lesser aren't they perpetrated by women. What the heck you may say ? Well I don't know how many men would troll over a young hot lingerie model over a young mother Theresa. Men run for their lust but its always driven by feminism. I don't want to sound extremist or Islamic, but isn't it not that men don't loose any opportunity to sway away from beautiful women with some skin or hair on the veil. Well if it wasn't for the temptress and mind of men loosing control and focus there wouldn't be a strong reason why women are ordered to cover themselves including hair in most religions (nuns cover themselves in Catholics, Persis, Muslims, even Hindu women cover themselves while in temples or like in Rajasthan they avoid stranger male sighting) There were reasons then , there are the same reasons why there is rise in crime today.
All the feminist and human rights activist protect the rights of women, but in most of the situation the women are victimised by these organisation and there is biased justice based on fairer sex and never ever the sensitivity on the role of women in the whole ordeal is ever played out.
Anyways there are lots of points which can argumentatively contested, but the zest is, that Women are not a fairer sex and with the term of equality and rights floating around, its not in best long term interest of humanity to boost special status to women. Women and men are born different and have their own purpose in humanity. As long as we recognise this and go about with contemporary way of life and avoid special stature to women it should all be good. Well there are cases of exploitation but my topic is beyond the times of exploitation. As long as there are confrontations between the two sexes their would victims. It's to be carefully chosen on the boundaries and also establish an unbiased society and mindset with neutral attitude towards the sexes.
It would be really be interesting to see this happen, but if its not we need to ensure we all maintain the harmony and understand each other limitations and capabilities and not just be unconventional and theoretical about the progress of humanity.

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