Monday, August 15, 2011

What's Happening - What's keeping me busy ?

Yippee some majorly minor changes..
I moved to new place within the USA!! What's so great...Well this is my 4th residence in less than an year in the US. And am lovingly hating it for the reason that it hits my pocket big time and cripples career growth and social life. So thy word is " Philadelphia, PA to New London, CT to Wilmington, DE to Milwaukee, WI"
Second major change - I have not been playing Travian for 2 months - Great deal ?? Yes for a Travian addict whose lived and breath it for over 15 hours a day for 2 years thats possible a big relief for a few people round me.
Third - Finally my photographic journey as a hobby seems to be taking off slowly with time freed from Travian. Few can explored from the link above.
Fourth - Trying to improve active lifestyle by being more self focused and participate in sports and exercises - Outcome I (my team) won runner's up trophy for Volleyball. Yippee !!
Fifth - I get to buy a car. After almost 5 years of working and 1 year on site(in the USA) that by many onlookers standard is an achievement. Well who cares I bought my house before many others had it. :)
Sixth - I got a Facebook Account now!! Great ?? Well my socially networking has been severely diminished thanks to Travian, Hi-5 my first social network was burried alive long back. Orkut is now falling apart with Google step motherly treatment with launch of Google +. And a few friendly requests did help me to finally plunge in the FB way in Aug 2011.
Seventh - I jumped off the my Vertical at my company. Finally I got off the Life sciences vertical which I have been clinging on to without much happening in my career. New vertical is Retail, hope it brings in new avenues of success and faster career progression and "Retirement".
Lastly - I blogged almost an year after my last post..So this is good...

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