Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oscillatory effect of Life

Off late I've had many realisations, insights of myself, the understanding and perspective of these insights had been in instrumental in what seems to be opening of a thought process and intellect of a deeper spiritual nature which I would want to put it as. The self discovery of my self has began long time while I was still young and needed to know what lay ahead for my future. Things related to analysis of past, present and future was something which drove me to alternative subjects like Palmistry, Numerology, Astrology, Graphology, Body language, Chi analysis, Fengshui for better energy sustenance and management. All of these wisdom combined with faith, belief in God and desire to do things I had been very fortunate to be at this juncture as I am to declare as the most successful. I don't think I ever failed of my expectations, I failed myself when I had created doubts in my mind, these where the instances I was low on faith and belief, these where the times of reckoning for me to learn to believe.
Yes it took me a while to realise this, and in coherence I also came to realise a few more things like the Oscillatory effect or ripple effect of emotions, feelings one possesses. Each one of us in our daily lives were atleast at some point of time cautioned to be moderated about life and circumstances, for no one turns when a situation which is in a very smooth flow, would take a u-turn to hit one very badly at the least expected of situations. The things like love, friendship, success, fame, prestige everything from positive to negatives like constant failure, health, misery etc.
From mt personal experience I would try to take out an example of love. I know of people and that includes me having been in deep love, where nothing in the world ever felt more important than spending, sharing every moment of time with that right person. One would invest time, emotions and heart in such a relation, things seem perfectly well even though the world round you is severely impaired against the relation but you care not. For such is the strength of love; But suddenly things take a u-turn the same person you got to trust for years, the same person you put faith stops responding and becomes yours most dreaded enemy. Situation is worse the person whom you trust, the person who probably knows more about me than myself is probably pitted against me. Its the worst of all adversary one could ever experience in life, for the onslaught to follow is relentless and bloody.
Another instances we kind of tend to attract all the negative energies/attitude which we force out or think out about others or curse them. Its like a swing or a Boomerang which you throw at some one else which comes and hits you back at a later period. What goes around comes around type. So sincerely feel that bad things are never to be hurled at others for it brings so much of negative energy which builds that once it erupts it will hit us properly in a negative intent,
Here is small classical example of a Oscillatory effect of life, which in an instance undoes everything what one came to believe and trust in life. Like a pendulum swinging continuously, the more momentum it gathers, the greater the extreme it reaches, once it reaches the extreme where the pendulum is unable to sustain the momentum, the pendulum arm gives up the progressive motion and starts a free fall reaching the midpoint to again rise with the adapted momentum, to repeat the process. The clock ticks and life goes on, but the caution everyone needs to take from such a simple observation is one should not get struck to what has happened for things will turn around; but how soon or late is upto oneself to decide the same. The sooner the person realises that things are temporary and will settle down, the faster the recovery and faster the chance of success, for a person always need to accept, adapt and keep growing from his experiences and leanings and that's the way life progresses. Gautam Buddha in his teachings asks us practice moderation, to be content with whatever we have and never keep complaining. Basically what he is trying to drive is to contain ones desires and expectations so as not to be just swinging and oscillating with the Pendulum of life.
Another example from my economic classes is of "Law of Diminishing Utility" As supply of a particular in demand product is kept increasing after reaching the limit, the additional supply would start taking a toll interm of cutting down the satisfaction levels.
With numerous examples from real life to theories, to religion, its for each and every person to open up the eyes and start watching things around us with a different and selfless perspective. For wisdom is always driven from simple things of life, where the pages are written from things which unfold before us. And for people who are on a low, wait for the swing to take you back to other extreme and as time progresses one should aim for moderation and self content to attain happiness and fulfillment from life.

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