Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Who moved my heart ?

The first day to office for the month of June had a rather unusual start. I woke up late and took time to get myself ready for the office bus. So royally I walked in hoping I would get the later bus which starts a bit late, only to realise that it too has left. So panted myself nearly a kilometer to spot a Tum Tum ( A Six-Seater Tempo).
One reaching the vehicle I had a seat sandwitced between a Lady and another person all on their way to Hinjewadi IT Park area. As we adjusted to start the 6-Seater was filled with 4 ladies in front of me and 3 men (including me) on the opposite side. I believe one was from my Co, other two from Wipro and other Yellow coloured Salwar (unknown). Was already perspirating enough which was making me very uncomfortable with these women in front.
Ok the fun starts now, the UKN (referred as Unknown Lady) was very much like Renuka Kirpalani.
Ok, who is Renuka??? She is an ace navigator, is a veteran in Indian Rally circuit and anchor on CNBC-TV18's The Auto Show (now replaced by OverDrive). She has completed the gruelling 8,000km Asean-India Rally in 2004. The UKN I refereed to was very much like Renuka, except she had longer hair which was let out untied and kept flying off more often than required. And this lady kept or rather had to keep adjusting her hairs every now and then. Sitting right infront of her looking right through her tender face, light coloured eyes, sprawling hair which seem to be flowing like a sprinkle of water stream in all directions, and tender coloured lips to add, looked like a very charming personality. She had a mischievous little smile, which teased me more often, and which did send signals to UKN that I was feeling uncomfortable because of her. I tried avoiding eye contact and tried to stare somewhere else and put a gaze in a safe direction, but I was sitting in such an uncompromising position that I couldn't save myself for long without getting my gaze past her. As much I was being uncomfortable trying an avoiding I couldn't stop praising her in between for her looks. Slim long face, delicate little gazes, smiles which meant a lot. The more I avoided looking, the more uncomfortable I became and the more fun it was for her understanding my state. Finally as my office location came I jumped out, yes properly jumped out paid and left without even looking back at her. A grasped my breath while breathing a sigh of relief. And the greatest point of the whole episode is I presume she is married, as she fashioned a sleek black beeded mangalsutra. Good way to start the month and remeber.

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