Sunday, March 30, 2008

Movies that I was watching

Over the last week, was lying in my sofa couch, switched on the TV and popped in the DVD which was lying around with me for over 6 months. Not a high romantic movie bluff by any standards, except for a few of Julia Roberts movies.
The basic plot revolves around Marissa, a mother of ten year-old boy and a maid in a posh hotel in New York. While trying on a guest's designer clothes, she encounters Chris, a local politician who mistakes her for a guest.The film is briefly amusing when Marissa is trying to avoid Chris at work. Though not the best of the romantic comedies, the movie had my interest in for a while. It had a touch of fantassy of Cindrella and a bit from my favourite romantic movie of all Notting Hill. What was touchy is the mentality of Marisa in trying to avoid the Senator while having fallen for him, for the very reason that the fitment is not good and unacceptable by the society. The climax where Chris finally meets up with the love of her life and accepts the reality is the touchy part, though not unique to many of the movies in the genre.
Ever since I have returned back from Mumbai, I've fallen in love with the place and the fascinated started with the Mumbai's life-lines the Mumai Local. The Xulfi song from the movie was also quite catchy with me. The movie revloves an incident with a call centre employee who misses his last ride home but goes through unimaginable twists in that short period of a few hours. The movie potrays the hardships of the people of Mumbai and its immigrants. It depicts the hardships of the people and their means of overcoming the same craving for small moments of happiness. A few glimses of realities of life, corruption and underworld were comicaly presented in the movie.
A feel good movie, and ever gorgeous Neha Dhupia, ensured that she can sizzle wearing just a Salwar in the entire movie. At end of the movie of gets a feeling of why the life can't be like a jackpot, very easy money, easy girl and easy life are made available at the door step.
On the whole though these two were not much hyped or talked about movies they still were a feel good movie to just relax and enjoy without expecting much of a roller coaster ride in emotions etc.

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