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Sri Rama Navami - What is it to be like Lord Sri Ram

Today is Sri Rama Navami; Sri Rama Navami marks the birthday of Lord Sri Ram in Ayodhya and also Sri Rama's marriage with Sita Devi. This day falls on Chaitra Sukla Navami (the ninth day of the bright half of Chaitra Masam) and the star "Punarvasu" as per traditional Hindu Moon Calender. On this very day 'Sree Sitarama Kalyana Mahotsav' (wedding) is performed in the abode Bhadradri Sri Sitarama Temple, Bhadrachalam, Andhra Pradesh. On Sri Rama Navami, Panakam (Jagery water with Ginger and Cardamon powder), Buttermilk, and Panchaamruthamu (Banana, cow milk, Ghee, Curd, Honey, Tulasi Leaves) are offered as Prasad to Lord Rama. During the evening the Posession of Rama & Sita comes onto the streets in a Palki.
Dedicated tune for the occassion - Pibare Rama Rasam - Pibare Ramarasam by Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna which is one of the most famous renderings of Pibare Ramarasam of composer Sadasiva Brahmendra, sung in Raga Ahir Bhairavi by the Legendary Andhra classical vocalist, Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna.

Lord Sri Rama has become so much identified with all the good and great and virile qualities of heroic manhood. The saying in Telugu goes like "Ramudoo manchi baludoo" meaning comparing onseself to be like Shri Rama who is with good qualities;Where in lay the secret of this unique greatness in Rama's personality? He is called Maryaada-Purushottama Let's Look into these 16 Personality traits of Shri Rama which are ideal to possess by one and all. I am quite sure you would not find the same else where....

Suguna Abhi Ram'udoo - ( Means Good qualities/Characters loved by all in Shri Ram)
1. SuGunaVanth'udoo - Good Characteristics / Good-natured / Very virtuous
2. Veerya(vīrya)Vanth'udoo - Strength, Valerous, Vigour, Energy
3. Dhármagyan'udoo - Righteousness’ or ‘duty’. It is said that the great one who never deviated from the norms set by Dharma. It was his supreme commitment to "Putra-Dharma" (duty of a son) that made Rama smilingly depart to the forest for fourteen years at the bidding of his father. Rajadharma for the sake of people of Kingdom Sri Ram even sent his beloved Sita away to forests. Sri Rama's intense adoration for the motherland has been immortalized by a legendary couplet which is playing on the lips of millions even to this day:
Janani janmabhoomischa swargaadapi garreyasi (the mother and the motherland are to me greater than the heavens themselves).
4. Krutágn'udoo - Gratitude and thankful to everyone.
5. Satyá Vákya Pálák'udoo - One who always speaks the Truth / Habitual speaker of truth
6. Drudávánth'udoo - Strong determination
7. Cháritrá Prásimsak'udoo / Cháritráréna Yukta - One who is hailed for good conduct throughout history.
8. Sarvá Bhoothá Sám'udoo - Egalitarian ( the belief that all/some people ought to be treated equally)
9. Vidhváns'udoo - Scholar
10. Samarth'udoo - Competent, Proficient
11. Priyadharshanám'udoo - Popular and liked by everyone
12. Aáthmagyani - Self Realisation / Enlightened
13. Jithakrodh'udoo - Conqured one's Temper / anger
14. Kaanthivanth'udoo - Radiancy / Luminance
15. Anasuyak'udoo - Void of Jealousy
16. Apradhrushyá Shourya Vant'udoo - Undefeatable Valour / Courage
I hope everyone tries to move towards achieving the traits / personality and align ourselves with Lord Shri Rama's Characterisms.

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Rama said, "If one has no respect for another's religion, he has no respect for his own." The reason this is true is that there is no place you can point where God is not. You can worship God with any form, animate or inanimate, or worship God the formless.

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