Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Changing times and sprinting time.

Time Check
62 Months - Since the purchase of my first bike
33 Months - Since I wrapped up my Studies
31 Months - That's my Post-MBA work-ex
7 Months - That's my time I moved to Pune
3 Months - Since I had been Married
2 Months - Gap between my last blog post
Amazing is only what I can say when I give out the statistics. There might be more numbers to add probably on a forgettable side, but I am looking forward to add only the brighter past contrary to my earlier blog posts.
I have realised that we skip a blink and time flies off; Sometimes we keep wondering if time could come to a stand still and we be in a state of blissfulness or better suspended animation, other times we really want the time to go at a Jettison speed. Either ways on one end we never want the good time to abandon us and other end we want to see off the bad time at the earliest. People hate to wait to see the results and go through the pain, but time has its own pace and moves so consistently nonparallel to any. The pace ensures that all good things taper out sometime or other and same fashion all bad things seize after some time. Time in this aspect proves to be an excellent guru teaching us the art of patience and perseverance. It makes us refined and a calculated person with the experience it provides to us. Going through a rough patch makes people stronger equipping oneself for facing tougher situations of future, making a person mentally strong and stable and at one stage can support others when situation demands and time is perfect. Going through a good time makes a soul free and relaxed free from all desires may be momentarily but sets the pace for future action. One could really set priorities which are in tune with his happier times. One then really works hard for the same.
Having said that a lot of time and efforts now a days revolve around money and materialistic ends. I want to say that people should try to avoid chasing these materialistic things of the world because one might achieve them at some time, but one is not always happy with having money and luxuries of the world. One though needs to invest oneself for financial stability, a person should ideally plan and invest in himself and his time. For properly utilised time returns huge dividend which is exponential in nature. The return of investing in time is both tangible and intangible, gives in lot of options to tinker with.
One might have scarcity of food, water, money but one should not run out time on any day. Any person has only limited time with him/her which get exhausted at a rapid pace. More than half of our life time goes into sleeping and resting, while half of what is left goes into much of unproductive childhood and old age. 65% to 70% of the our life times just flies off without even touching it. Left is 35% to 30% of the time which flies at an unprecedented speed.
  • One really needs to make the maximum use of this live life to fullest.
  • Indulge in things what makes one happy the most and makes all around one more happier than before.
  • Contribute to the family, society, country and the Earth (being a responsible citizen)
  • Peace, harmony, happiness, joy are things to be spread. One needs to be on a constant endeavour for the same.
All the things above are those in which one needs to invest one's time in and returns are as simple as being recognised as human being worthy enough to be respected by everything and everyone living/non-living dead/alive.
Make best use of time, its rare, its scarce and its worth unlike any, priceless....
Acknowledge, understand and respect the importance of time and others valuable time too...
This will make us a better human beings....

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