Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Road Accidents

Its been a while that I've been involved with a road accident. As long as I remember the last of accidents for me happened once in 2003 December during my initial days of purchase of my Bike, where I skit on the oil-dampened road when I applied brake and along with my some dozen other motorists fell. Fun but scary when the tyres had no traction with the road due to the oil that leaked on to the wet road. Anyways a few scratches on the silencer guard and guess thats about it.
The more serious accidents happened in 2002 while driving Chetak, I was so engulfed in a conversation that I happened to miss the application of sudden brakes by the car driver in-front of him and rammed into the same with full force. Had extensive damages to the front mud-guard of the Chetak. Earlier one was in 1998 when was hit by another scooterist when I was trying to cross road after being let out for the day at college. Badly hit on the leg & hips and wasn't able to walk for a week. From then probably dumped my classes with Tetrahedron academy.
Anyways the reason I was blogging all these are due to the latest incident that happened on Saturday 23rd Feb 2008. Yesterday was on my way to City Centre, Banjara Hills with my cousin in the evening. On a 100cc with a combined body weight of 220kgs on the bike on an uphill road proved a costly mistake. As I was traversing, one of the cars was climbing up ever too slowly and in an haze, gazing at the driver tried to out maneuver him, but ended up hitting another Car coming in the opposite direction head-on. With the body weight so high I couldn't control the bike and couldn't react in time to avoid the collision, while the Car we just over-took came from behind and hit us on the other end. We were sand witched between the two cars. Though mini-hatches at that moment they appeared as two monster trucks to me. The bike took a beating on the crash-guard, both front & rear brakes. Foot rests, arm grips and rear-view mirror.
AS for our state our Speed of 20kmph or so ensured that we escaped with minor injuries. My cousins Knees and ankles where squeezed enough and for now he finds it painful to limb u stairs. For me sustained a injuries on both my elbows, the impact of me hitting the cars on either side, lead way to large 4x4 dents to the car sheet on the sides. Apart from this took a hit on right shoulder, lower right abdomen, right lower rib, both the ankles, both my palms, and left index finger. Not much of bruises are visible, except for the badly scratched right elbow and ankles. The car which rammed us from behind, actually ran over my left ankle completely, spraining it and cutting through the skin. If we were in excess of 40kmph we would have definetly ended up in a hospital emergency ward.
Anyways am still feeling pains in various places, and yet to recover, but not using any suppressant/pain killers. Prefer not to use unless required. I do agree that I was a bit enraged at the slow driving but shoud have kept my view on the ground on the oncoming traffic. I could say that I broke my 5 years old record of being accident free, and just fueled to my Parents fears on my driving skills.
Hey, but got to tell you that off late I've been really zipping on very fast on my bike. While I was working in Gachibowli, DLF SEZ, I used to try to beat my own time of reaching office and travelling back home on the busy 25 km stretch. They where times when I hit 90+ kmph and it was highest for me on any bike. On return to home, used to travel back home in around 15min travelling in the midnight roads.
I feel my risk taking, and recklessness has gone up a lot probably due to the simple fact that I have no strings attached and no one that I am responsible. Earlier things where different and was more concisous of my personal well-being as people where on a look-out for me and would be hugely impacted if things were to go wrong. But for now its only my parents and no onle else. And I would love to live patch of life on the edge, guess things will not work on a similar lines when one has responsibilities and some-one to look for.
Anyways enjoy driving and but ensure you always return home safe.

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