Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hyderabadii to the core....

Well I wanted to do a comparitive study between Hyd and a city which I am aspiring to build my career, but thought its too early for me to comment on the same. So decided to post in what being a Hyderabadi would entitle a person to be.... Well if you had read my previous 2 articles there is much funnier side to it, guess this is more serious narration of life, well with a Hyderabadi lingo into it..

A Hyderabadii like me who works in a mast company which is one of the largest 3rd party pure play BPO company gets up at Subah Subah not before 9am and 11am still Subah aram se fresh-up hooke nikalthahoo, gumne ke waasthe, hatth mein zabardasth time hain naa. If lost on road I don't bother to ask how to go xxxpet or xxxguda,xxxnagar,xxxpalli because you always get seedha chale jao or seedha cutlo xxx aajayega. Go to a numaish are wohi re All India Industrial exhibition during this month i.e Jan and call up at least one name Srinivas, Prasad, Raju, Rao or Venkatesh you would be surprised if not more than 70% of the people turn to identify you within six square feet. At the same numaish I find it extremely funny
If you are hungry don't worry one can always drop in at any of the dozens of Your street has at least one roadside mobile hotel that serves Chinese delicacies such as " Vegetable soft needles", "Navrotten Kurma", "Chicken Manchewurea" or "American Chompsee". If thats not it you a dozen more selling Chat items, a dozen more selling hot mirchi bhaji's. You never fail to pass a road without smelling fresh Irani chai, something unique to the older parts of the town. One can hang out in a Irani cafe the whole day after ordering one cup tea and a empty saucer for oneself and dear friend of yours and chat like thats the last day with each other. But as any South Indian Rice is a very stable food If you do not eat rice at least once a day you will die.(Nothing other than Rice is considered as a meal), very true for me I get migraine and headache if I miss my afternoon rice item. Hyderabadii's have an additional angle to the Rice saga, for which they will swear to die for and thats the famed "Hyderabadii Biryani", and very true its closest to dil of Hyderabadii. Very true that my favourite dish at any wedding is biryani(Veggie), and feel at ease at the smell of it. Bawarchi, Paradise, Golconda, Madina to name a few offer the best in this. Haleem is also a very special dish which is made during the holy month of Ramazan. Then also you have a very special natural flavours hand-made icecream stalls at Mojamzahi market, very delicious, original and cheap. I loved gulping down tons whenever I went there. And quite opposite to this is the great Karachi Bakery where the fruit biscuits are made, grab it as a souviner for your dear ones.
Hyderabadii's to that extent people in Andhra Pradesh have a craze for going abroad and its not surprising that one would have atleast one cousin, friend, colleague or acquaintance in the US in software. As a matter of fact my mom starts counting how many families in the apartment floor don't have their children in US, the answer is nil.
Work culture of a Hyderbadi is quite unique, people working at PSU's can be see spending a lot of time chit chatting with lots of Pan and Pan-masala, zarda in their mouths with Chai in their hand. Woman spend a lot of time talking about what went on in the serial last night on ETV, Gemini or more recently a Maa TV or a Visaa. Lots of topics around their children, studies, tutions, IITs and medicine EAMCET.
For a person in Ameerpet you could listen someone commenting on the latest upgrade or technology which is creating ripples and talks on how to put on some experience in the same. Quite amazing on the number of training centres you can come accross in this area. It would be probably be more than the total such centres in a city like Delhi. Next in the count comes the number of silver screens that the city offers and that too at a rate which is quite affordable, not surprising why the largest number of regional movies get produced here which also create good moolah. Good thing about the city is that piracy is not tolerated and people get their pirated versions either from a neighbourhood parlour or outside of Hyderabad. Favourite mode of travel for students seems like hanging over the footboard of the city bus flauntng their student bus pass, well for 5 years I did the same and trust me it was fun then but also a pain if travelling for more than an hour. People feel free and take it as their Nizami right to put up their hand and stop vehicles zooming so as to cross the road, if not one is a verbal witness to all the Hyderabadi gaaliyaa's of Hyderabad. Leaving a passer-by even the vehicular mannerism are to the extreme in Hyderabadi, rules are meant to be broken thats what a Hyderabadi says is," nahi to life mein kya mazaa hain". One wont be surprised to see a 6 wheeled bus, a state run-one going on a wrong side of the road to avoid a long route, gosh heights but what can I say, thats Hyderabadii.
After stepping in the corporate world my typical Hyderabadii laid bac attitude still survives, though my language (Hinglish so to say) is much refined, but other habits die hard. Nizaami, sounds syncronous to laid back lazy attitude. At office I feel its my right to come late typical behaviour. If you are hungry you might not find it odd to drive back home to eat, to go for loo or to have a nap and come back, its all part and parcel of work culture. Who complaints its easy travelling on roads if you don't mind bending a few norms. Hyderabadii are not good at marketing though they are very good at talking, for they like to break barriers and tend to be free birds rather than stick by the book. Mostly laid back they prefer working at their own pace rather than the other way.
Women in Hyderabad are very conservative, and doubt the looks at every onlooker. For every female on the road from a 13 year-old to a 60 year-old is gazed by every onlooker on the road, that they are s concious that they don't feel like lifting their heads-up. Talking with the male species is somekind of a sin, thats the feeler one sets in Hyderabad. But the girls are still charming and good-looking. Conservatism still continues in terms of behaviour, looks and dressing in Hyderabadii culture and I love it that way.
Accha mai chaltoon ... Syed bai ka pilane ka tame hora ... usko chodne 'pilane stop' jaana re bai , wo pilane ka dilaver hai nai ... wo apna dost ich hai maloom ... wo apana Anwar hai na ... Jaafar ka bhai re ... uneech chalara Syed bhai ka pilane aaj ... accha aatoo main !! kal phir miltoon yaneech ! kal kain bhi akko jaa re howle !!!!

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