Wednesday, January 23, 2008

All alone

As I scribble this blog, today is day6, all alone at my home. For the first time in my life and my mom's life, shez gone on long trip. Never ever before there was an instance that she took leave, packed and went of on a trip, that too a 10 day trip. My mom is on touring South India with her collegues, she fears that this being her retirement year, she wouldn't be entitled to such travels later.
The tour package will take her on bus tour of all moajor tourist and pilligrimage spots in South India, names of which I haven't heard till date. Will take the list of places once she is back.
For me this is a new experience too, taking care of the house entirely on my own. Firstly mom has discontinued the milk supply for the period and I need milk for my curd, difficult for me to inform the milk-walaa as I would not wake at the time the milk packets are dropped, so sad, I had to fetch it from my cousins or buy it separately as I did yesterday and had to set it up for making curd. All the more cleaning of the floor, washing of clothes (alternate days), utensils, cooking for my self, watering the plants all on the part of the agenda. One day I forgot to water the plants, fortunately I happen to notice them dropping due to lack of water and fortunately had enough of water stored to water the plants before I left for office, Mom & Dad would have definelty batted me out if they were to have sapped dry. For these plants are very dear to both of them, and fancy of taking care of the same.
Am kindaa getting up at 8.30am, freshen-up, bath and along with my rituals sit to have breakfast, two days I made dosa's, 2 days I had Ooats, a day with bread-butter-omlette. Let me see what will I manage in next few days. For lunch managed a bit from my guys in the apartment.
Scariest thing is when come home at 1 - 1.30 am there is no one and I had to freshen-up and head to my bed all alone. That's scary for a while when you realise that in your 2 bed-room apartment you are the only person alive. Have a had a strangest of dreams that I've had a call to visit Tirupati. Very strange as I see there myself with the entire family running accross but unable to make it to the darshan, at the Vyikuntam complex and queues are held up at afternoon and am hungry for food and thirsty too. Strange dream I can't decipher the dream as yet.
Another one I discovered in my shelf beside the window was a turmite mound. The turmite mound made through mud and water engulfed all the books and plastic material stored in the shelf. I happened to accidently discover this when I was trying to trace a MP3 CD which I replaced it somewhere. I used all kinds of pesticides I had but to no use, the turmites refuse to give-up, the next day morning I had to clean up the entire junk to get rid of the colony of white turmites. Yucky work !! Had goosebumps all through this cleaning process. I don't even know what all books and material went out in the 8kgs of stuff I dumped. Hopefuly Mom on her return is not annoyed at the clean-up. See the mess of the turmite mound in the pic below.

Days at home this year been spending a lot with myself, except on a few occasion where I got to venture out with the family on Sankrathi.

The list of the movies for this Month is long

Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, Bourne Ultimatum - Good movies but not meant for Indian Audience for it lacks the action though it has good plot and conspiracy and covert operations of CIA in this

Rush hour 1, 2, 3 - all three back to back

Aliens Vs Predator 1 , 2 (Requiem) - Didn't like the second part at all was mostly on lines of Resident Evil 2, where the entire city is nuked with little or no-coperation between humans and predator species.

Telugu - Na Upiri (schizophrenia based movie), Operation Dhuryodhana, Tulasi, Aadavari Matalaku ardhale verulee (both Venky starrer)

Goal, Golmaal, Jab We Met from the hindi movie front. Liked "Jab we met" a lot from which I have taken a few cues for my personal life.

Might want to watch Ek Chaalis ki last local and Shootout at Lokhanwala shortly.

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