Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Engagement is Fixed

People, the engagement ceremony of Chiranjeevi Satya Swaroop and Sowbagyavathi Shruti Purna Madani is happening on 1st Septemeber 2007. To us, it is a milestone and an achievement; to say the least. My limited vocabulary stops me from explaining how exactly I feel. Yet, let me go on record and say 'I am ecstatic', and in Shruti's words ' On Cloud 9'. I got the buzz on in my head. And it is all happening.
Done with initial set of shopping spree which lasted close to 2 weeks, Kanchi Patu sarees (light weight for engagement) and a Light weight delicate Vankee ring for the bride. I got 2 pairs of shirts and trousers for now. Need to buy other accessories too. Goossh...lots to do but a bt of laziness also has crept into me.

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