Saturday, June 18, 2005

Batman Begins....IIMK 2 begins

On 17th of June the movie went on international release. I wanted to go to Prasad's nd watch it on iMax, but putting 180 bucks a piece i decided to go to my old Skyline. We reached late nd amazingly enough the theatre isn't full. We went sat and watched the move. Atleast for the first 15-20 min I was confused which movie was being screened. I turned back to ask a fellow watcher and then ultimately ended up asking the torch guy for confirmation. Satisfied I sat down to watch the movie which looked like a 16th - 18th century warrior movie. Then after 15-20min some civilisation dawned into the movie when we saw Gotham city railway scene nd young Bruce. Let me go ahead with story as I can recollect.

"Batman Begins" actually is an origin story. Tracing young Bruce Wayne's fear of bats, through the years following the death of his parents, up through how the adult Bruce Wayne learns to fight, "Batman Begins" adheres to a carefully plotted course that patiently builds up to Wayne collecting cool gadgets, taking ownership of the batmobile, and donning the famous batsuit. Nothing's rushed and realism is the key to "Batman Begins". There's a logical reason behind how Bruce Wayne comes to possess each and every weapon, a logical reason why he's able to overpower even the most skilled villains.

The plot itself revolves around a plan to rid Gotham City of corruption at the expense of destroying the entire city, innocent citizens be damned. The city must fall for the common good.A special weapon will release a fear-inducing toxin into the water supply, using Wayne's own Vaporiser gadgets. Then the citizens will turn on each other and Gotham will cease to exist.

Directors Goyer and Nolan have reinvented a franchise that was all but left for dead after "Batman and Robin". It's the story of how one man turns his own greatest fear against his enemies, how he handles the guilt of seeing his parents murdered, and what he ultimately decides to do with all of his anger.
Michael Caine as Alfred, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, Katie Holmes as Batman's long-time friend and love interest, Liam Neeson as Bruce's mentor Henri Ducard, make up the strong supporting cast and each are terrific. Cillian Murphy as Scarecrow has a powerful supporting negative role.

All of the story is so absurdly humourless that it is dramatically inert, as if Nolan had decided the only way to make the Batman character more substantial was to put weights on his wings. The result is handsome and logical, but missing the spark that would make it thrilling which makes it especially appealing to moviegoers who don't know the backstory of Batman, his friends, or his enemies.

I personally rather prefered Batman and Robin a lot for all the gizmos and the star cast it had. Also the Bat mobile which is show cased here is absolute plunder can't imagine such a beast premitive looking vehicle was being used. Even bond has better vehicles. Bale I felt had lesser of Charisma of earlier stylings of Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney. It is the most faithful to the origins of the comic strip and it sets up a series very different from the four made by Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher between 1989 and 1997.

Personally I wouldn't suggest my friends to go and watch a movie for its has only 40 minutes of action and 2 hrs high drama in it which I feel loosely fits with the comic strips action paced entertainment.

I then came back around 4 o clock types and then started to pack off the bags for Banglore train at 7pm. I was planning to reach early and catch up with things at my room. Some my 2nd year journey at IIMK is all improvedegin with fresh attitude and new iimprovementsI wish to write and post the improvemetns and changes in my attitude over the past one year shortly. Until then keep blogging Swaroopudoo.

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