Sunday, May 22, 2005

Chennai Summer project

My summer project started off on April 4th. I reached Chennai, which happens to be one of the more liked cities by me on 3rd April. I came via Tirupathi and by the time I reached there it was 8:10pm. Unfortunately I had no telephone numbers of my cousins which I forgot at my dressing table back home. I got hold of my old list where my Aunt's number was there. I tried to contact her but in vain. The number was over 6 years old and had changed by now. I tried to contact home but my dad's gone out for a wedding, mom isn't aware. After some anxious moments I got the number, and landed at my cousins place at around 10pm in an auto who charged me 90/-. My cousins had too kids Tyeni (Akheel) and Mini ( ??). Cousin is working at port trust so he stayed in port trust quarters at place called Toll gate, which is the northen most part of Chennai and is the place where the Chennai corporation limit ends. For the first leg I've stayed in Chennai for 6 nights and 5 days. I happen to get my tickets for Hyd only 5 hrs before leaving that too WL tickets. I spend some 6 weeks in Hyderabad for my field work. Had a good experience here meeting and talking to different kinds of people. Had my first chance to dominate the recruiting agency/ person.
I started back for Chennai on 17th. This trip happened to be my maiden 2AC trip. Boring and dull life in AC boogies. I almost slept for major part of the journey as I was ill the earlier few days. Came back to Caucasians home at around 7:30am. They had some guests by then who were cleared by evening :-)) . Then the usual journey started, Tollgate-Tondiarpet-Royapeta-Old Washermanpet-Parrys-Highcourt-Central-Hindu-Peters-TLM-TVS-Teynampet(SIET)-Cenotaph Road. Everyday up and down the same route. The journey lasted for nearly 1 to 2hrs depending on availability of transport. Beyond our tollgate came Thiruvuyuthoor. I for the 1st time went to Spencers Plaza, spend some time venturing through those countless number of shops. I m almost confused at the magnamiy of the complex. I bought lots of DVDs this time round, unfortunately some aren't working.

On 28th , the day of journey and incident's the only day I was free from my project work I had my first Andhra meals, I completely filled my belly. Now on that day I actually understood what an Andhra meals was and what my liking was. Andhra meals - Rice, Lots of pickles, 2 or 3 fries of vegetables, tomato Dal in tamarind in ghee, Appalam and fried curd chilies.
What a south Indian meal was rice in lots of Sambhar and Rasam and Kavoulum (kuura in Telugu) in aplam and lemon pickle. We use lots of tamarind and dal unlike the south Indian meals which is dominated by sambhar rasam, which fortunately is used only as a side dish. 1st time in life I also hit the swimming pool. Visited the community pool by the side of Marina. That was one bit of experience to cherish. I never swam so I was always 90 degrees to the ground. Teyni taught me some steps to follow which made me a little comfortable for a while. Was there in the pool for 1/2 hr, and came out totally exhausted, my lungs were too tired and seemed to be under high pressure. When I wanted to walk my feet were too heavy to carry my body, strange feeling but a good one.
Then started off to home by Charminar express, my good old train traveled too fast unlike its reputation. Reached Sec'bad at around 8. I forgot my fav short on train and my belt at my cousins house. Overall a good expresses to cherish.

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