Friday, April 30, 2010

After a long while !!!

Yaa Yaa its been a really really long time that I've blogged.
The reason...
1. Am not cribbing offlate - Naa not atleast on the web
2. Am kindda busy - At work yes, but on the web I've become an Net game Addict to a online strategy game called Travian - Refer my previous post
3. Things at Home - Health concerns of my girl !!
4. Well I think am in for a professional change ??? 2 Years now in Cognizant, Pune

Why Am I posting now ??
1. Am out of my project now !! Alas some breathing space
2. Travian - Completed One End Game on and quit playing, servers - Lot more breathing space.
3. Am free at home my Gals with her parents recuperating from her weakness. So breather there too

So What am I upto these days
1. My Marathon Project in CTS has ended, completed two SDLC in one year, great learning expereince and real time and energy drainer.
2. Playing and playing madly - Travian
3. Travelling - To home and back
4. Shopping and spending money on buying.

Basically been sleeping less and spending a lot of time on the Computer Terminal both at office and at home.
Been away from mails, Social online-communities including Orkut, Hi-5, Linked-in.
Not looking for new jobs.

Yaa yaa thats all for now. My Year end report is still awaited. I hope it will done atleast by mid-year.

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MadhuSmitha said...

hey swaroop,time for new blog recollect ur US experiences..

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