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Roundup 2008

As a continuation to the last years blog, I wanted to sign-off on the last year in my blog, but as my constraints on limited blogging time continued to restrain me from completing this activity. The year 2008 started where 2007 ended with lots of unanswered puzzles, frenzy state of mind and dwindling state of mind with a directionless, aimless career, professional life and a personal life. Life was very much at cross roads, and slowly but surely admist all the confusion life slowly blossomed toward the last quarter of the year.

Biggest movers
- Quiting from my first Job and moving out of Hyderabad
- My attempt to reach back and re-engage lost relation with involvement of my family.
- Trip to my native place Machilipatnam, after thirteen (13) Years
- Lived a proper bachelors life after studies.
- Married once and for all now !!!

Biggest Learnings
  • Never let go of love and hurt loved ones
  • To take life easy and not to pressurise self.
  • Understand and respect others feelings.
  • Let time take its time to heal and set things right.
  • Have immense and never ending belief in God.
  • Trust the inner voice, learn to cultivate to let the inner voice to speak.
  • Being positive in life does immense good.
Best for the year

Top Albums/Songs
1. Jaane Tu Jaane Naa - Kabhi Kabhi Aditi
2. Bachana Ae Haseno - Khuda Jaane Kyu

Fav Movies
Fav Quotes -
Madagascar - Escape 2 Africa
Skipper: Who says a penguin can't fly?
Skipper: We should be up and running in say... 6 to 9 months.
Alex: Sixty-nine months?!
Skipper: No! Six to nine.

Fav Holiday/Travel
- Havelock Islands, Andamans

Fav Food
1. Vada Pav
2. Aloo Paratha

Fav Shopping Spot
1.Big Bazaar, PCMC, Pune
2. Fathima Nagar, Pune

Fav TV Channel

Chronological Milestones

January - Uncertain Days

I got my first Job confirmation from Ocwen for a very succesful process that got concluded in Dec 2007. I was offered a position in Mallad (west), Mumbai for joining its integration team of NCI (NationWide Credits Inc). I put in my resignations in on 9th of Jan 2008 from Genpact, marking an end of era. Here is where my hardships started. Genpact failed to release me on time to join Ocwen, forcing the latter to withdraw the offer and I forced to serve a 3 months notice period as against promised month release by Genpact HR. I went on to take new assignments.

I moved to take charge of a small assigment of setting up Quality team for Merrill Lynch's operations at Genpact. The role, the team and vertical I dreamt since my IIM days. But with this opportunity came in my old Gal and with resignation papers on table made it quite difficult to make a favourable decesion in favour of Genpact.

I finally broke off the emotional bond with my ex-fiance on a final phone call in a much inspired Jab-we-met movie fashion - "Flush karde life se"


As time progress I wait impatiently for my release, making short trips to DLFH Genpact office, and applying for other offers. HP, Infosys, EDS, CTS, BoA, CFC, HSBC where in fray but due to year beginning paradigm no confirmations. Rough times for me this month. Had vivid thoughts of going back to old time and undoing all that went off.


Got confirmations from CTS and EDS and was contemplating on what to join while I was chilling on time. Marriage talks harden back home, I was in a storm as I didn't want to risk another turn-down and have a hear break. My state of mind was not to be associated with any other girl and if any chance patch up for proven older relation.


I finally got relieved from Genpact in 1st week of April. This was after 2 years I decided to move on, I was shifting to Pune to join CTS. BoA was delaying its decesion to close in on hiring till the last date, while HP offered their role after I joined CTS. Infy and Wipro followed HP too late for all. Later on in May EDS was acquired by HP, both where offering me roles at that time. EDS role was attractive with onsite posting and frequent travel, but apparent lack of focus from the EDS team proved deterrimental in joining the team.

I packed and shifted to Pune in a haze without much hulla. Earlier I started my prayers and got my astrological redone to get some deeper insights. I started using two more stones Cat's eye and pearl to improve my present situation. Felt more nostalgic about my previous Gal though she was not in forgiving mood, try to make it up for my sinful acts of letting go.

My parents shortlisted a girl and my mom was wildly escastic about the girl she looked at that she ordered me to fly-back the very weekend I joined the company and confirm the girl as they will run into inauspicious times. Half-heartedly I come and agree to the wishes of the family. I was totally unprepared for all this

May / June / July

Joined a Life Sciences team at CTS, as a Quality Reviewer for the delivery team. Started learning, understanding, adapting, accomodating, adjusting to the new environment and people. Moved into a bachelors house, started a life of Bachelor after a long long time. I started using public and company transport more often. Travelling has become a Passe of life now. Music decorated through my headphones and books and magzines in my hand where a signature look I had. I slowly started finding peace in the role and with myself.

I used to travel back home every fortnight and really used to make out a hell lot of time. Started to read books. Got introduced to self help books like The Secret and Paulo's books by accident and found a new found love in reading. Blogging continued to gain momentum during this time. With access to pirated Telugu movie DVD's I used to frequently watch the new flicks more often than earier.

I hesitantently started preparing for an eventuality called marriage which was to happen in August, buying clothes etc. My communication with the fiance and her family was highly restricted and contained, nor I encouraged the same. I was still very undecided on the marriage all the time. But my parents interest kept a hold on everything.


The month proved to be the roughest of all times I ever had. I reached by to my earlier relation to patch-up and make up for the lost ground. I didn't want to risk another relation and make unjustice to my first love on grounds of me getting married. Involved lots of people from my parents, relatives, friends and well-wishers to my fiance relatives. After a period of nervous weeks I fell to the inevitable for what looked neither good or bad. I got married on 21st Aug in Hyderabad to Vijaya. Whats install for us in the future needs to be looked into as times goes by. Had the toughest, roughest, and the most emotional of times this month as I went into the marriage bandwagon. So much was my pain due to uncertainity that I had low BP for weeks and I could hardly talk and express myself. I love the innocense in my Wifes face. I love the eyes and her tender looks used to offer me the much required solace.

Made my trip to Machilipatnam tracing back to my roots and to seek blessings of my Grandparents and Janma Bhoomi after over a decade. My new innings as a husband, and a son-in-law starts off.


After the Ganesh Chaturthi festivities at home I set back to Pune after nearly a 20 day stay in Hyderabad. I started to look out for house for us, while Vijaya continued to work in Hyderabad. Rough weather, lack of housing supplies, high brokerage only increased the agony of zeroing in on house for us Pune. Towards the last week paying a 13k brokerage I decided on moving into a decent 1BHK house in a very calm and homely locality. Bought a Honda Aviator solely meant for commuting for a family life (:)). This purcahase would be my second vehicle purchase after my TVS Victor bike in Sep 2003.


Spent quality time at home in Hyderabad for the Dusheera. I was supporting office from Hyderabad which drew a bit of flank from my supervisor. I had completed my bout of Pooja and Havan's for the year. Post the festivites I set back to my new home in Pune accompanied by my wife and my maradhi (bro-in-law). The whole month witnessed one of the frenziest shopping by me ever as we slowly set to settle down in the home. We made it back home to celebrate diwali braving all the odds of hardships of travel by train in this Diwali journey.


Things slowly setteled down with regular friction between the newly weds. Work pressure and volume began mounting, while we still continued to shop and celebrate our life. Trips to Hyderabad continued, though nothing significant happend. My gal was searching for Jobs, with most of them not in her fit.


This was a month of Vacation to be. We had been on our holiday trip to the Andaman's. Had a blast on the trip though we would have done better with slightly longer trip. Post this my Gal had to stay back at Hyd for 15 days for her exams and I took her along not before the Cristmas celebrations at home.


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Diva said...

love the way u wrote 'my gal'... :) :)
AWESOME posts...Just keep them coming!!!!

Satya Swaroop P said...

Thanks Divya..
Me, always love writing...with encouragement of familiars would love to open up more to blogging.

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