Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An excercise for meaning of Marriage

At one point of life one has to make a decision/rather take a decision whether one is really ready, ready for a change. No am not talking about change in career, which for our generation is quite frequent, but a change in thought process, a change of mindset, change to adopt and accommodate, am talking of settling down.
Right from childhood one would have definitely must have gone through various stages of life, as a baby, a son to their parents, a student to the teachers, a member of various groups, friend to fiends, a brother, etc... but being a better half of someone whom at least you hardly knew for sometime is a real hard choice. I believe if timing is good, grace of God is there everything will fall out in place automatically.
As I always believed life is a puzzle to be solved and carefully planned out, if not the puzzle is not complete owing to wrong choice of pieces. Key again is the how rightly one is able to piece the pieces together and timing as in every game is also important. For solving the puzzle too, for the next piece to fall in place in highly dependent on the pieces which already have been fitted on. They do play an important role in this entire thing. The other pieces am referring to would the environment in which one is already placed in, the people one grows up with, the current socio-economic factors in addition to personal mindset and future aspirations too. And the piece chosen also widely defines the rest of pieces which are goona fall in place, any fault lines would probably disturb the entire puzzle and existing pieces, such is importance of the piece. I've been saying timing is important for the very reason coz one needs to be convinced that this is piece that one needs to place to make a difference and think its going to be impactful for the rest of solving of the puzzle. One always does have a choice to set others things right and finally attack this piece at a later stage, is purely dependent on ones comfort levels, and one's probably emotional and physical needs. For some there might additional dimensions as family, career, financial requirements too. A good carefully planned out move does make all the difference and is the factor that paves way to doing or undoing of the puzzle called life.
Another mindset for the marriage which seems to be an offshoot of the whole puzzle thing mentioned above leads to miracle happening if one where to be put it from a more altruist and clairvoyant thought approach would be a "miracle" called marriage. Miracle is a powerful word, and I choose it carefully. But there is a miracle in marriage – the miracle of transformation. Transformation is one of the most common events of nature. The seed becomes the flower. The cocoon becomes the butterfly. Winter becomes spring and love becomes a child. Marriage is a transformation we choose to make. Our love is planted like a seed, and in time it begins to flower. We cannot know the flower that will bloom, but we can be sure that a bloom will come. If we have chosen carefully and wisely, the bloom will be good. If we have chosen poorly or for the wrong reason, or we do not tend our marriage with care, then the bloom will be flawed.
If you believe in your heart that you have found someone with whom you are able to grow, if you have sufficient faith that you can resist the endless attraction of the road not taken and the partner not chosen, if you have the strength to embrace the cycles and seasons that your love will experience, then one might be ready to seek the miracle that marriage offers. If not, then wait. The easy grace of a marriage well made is worth your patience.
Am still gauging myself if its the right time. During the past one year I've been seeing my schoolmates classmates so to say, who are from the same age group getting married. Sarvotham got married, Nitin Phillips is already a father last week, best buddy Elastic got married early this year, Suraj, Rahul, Raj Kumar, Sarat have their dates fixed up in last quarter this year. Koti, Ravi are also lined up. Looks like everyone is taking off, some are still waiting patiently for their loves to click. On the IIM groups every month you are greeted with atleast one invite, or on orkut saying Satya Swaroop you are being invited. Are they an influencing factor, hmm..definitely no for me, but still plants a seed of thought in the process, a happy thought. For as far as I can feel am ready for this. Ler's see how far am into this...

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