Saturday, March 05, 2005

Flash Back - IIMK trip from Hyderabad

It is 1st of July 2004 where I set off my journey to IIM K . Earlier day i've had calls from Sandeep Reddy asking me to meet him, I wasn't that interested and had very little time to make it to him. The packing was greatly helped by uncle. I and my mom at that moment were having a fight so we were rarely talking to each other. On 1st the d-day my parents stayed back from there office which they usually never do. I dropped some stuff for Poornima at her class then had to take my bike to register and get it packed. Having completed the formalities I came back around 11:30 am by bus ( I m a miser ). The train was supposed to depart at 12:30 (7028 Sabari Express) and Shailendra Chak and Sandeep Reddy gave enough calls to confirm that I m on time, but pity tat I wasn't there at home to take calls. In some 10min I freshened up and again started packing some stuff and added one more petty luggage. Already I had a suitcase, 2 duffle bags, a large cover, a computer box. Mom spoke something while i was leaving in our car. Dad accompanied me along and at the station we waited eagerly for the train. As the train came came in Chak made it to station just 5 min before with his friend from IDRBT. Sandeep Reddy was accompanied by his father.

I train started nd we introduced ourselves then later had lunch. Chak surprisingly like the Pulihora(yellow tamarind rice) a lot, which I later realised from the fact that Chak had considerable Hyderbaddi influence in form of Four Soft , Oracle and GE. Chak and Sandeep Reddy became involved in close conversation right away and spend major part of journey time in conversation. I generally take time to get accustomed. We played cards for some 3 hours during the night. An elderly man at that time happened to scold us for keeping the switch on, Chak shouted back at him "SHOUT U R MOUTH"and he quietly went back to his snoring. I was quiet taken by this incident I cldn't do this to stranger and definitely not an old man.
Fine by next morning we were traveling in Tamil Nadu and we were wondering and visualising the coconut country by that time . Then came coimbatore and we entered Kerla in a while . The 1st glimpses of this was awesome.

Me Sandeep Reddy & Shailedra Chak

In Kerala it always drizzled and for the first few months I've seen so much of rainfall which I haven't seen in one single Decade in Hyderabad. Overall such a good and beautiful place to be in is Kerala. Being lover of hills and valleys, greenary and wilderness I fell in instant love with the place and the campus. My memories of visits to Vizag and Tirupati's Ghat roads and valleys and trees which made a dream for me deep within has finally been fulfilled. Dream to stay close to nature in a valley surrounded by trees, hills and water bodies. IIMK fortunately has all these things. Just great to be in this beautiful place.....

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